Unlock business opportunities, mine data insights, and accurately make sales decisions to stay ahead of competitors with predictive analytics.

Professionals in the Electronics Industry get inundated with data from thousands of sources during the processing of parts, POs, and RFQs each day. Companies struggle to not only process but uncover valuable data insights from suppliers, companies, and regions.

With this non-stop movement of data from Distributors and Component Manufacturers, it is often difficult to make sense of all the noise. Thankfully, Orbweaver Analyze was developed to help you gain actionable insights from data and empower you to win more deals and price intelligently.

Orbweaver Analyze is a data science solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make sense of all of your data. We help you make informed decisions with predictive analytics and make smart sales decisions.

What are the benefits of Orbweaver Analyze?

Orbweaver Analyze helps organizations make sense of valuable, hard to answer questions:

  • Why do customers in the Northeast buy more of a particular part in August?
  • What are the primary external market drivers for your business?
  • Why do purchasers of a particular type of capacitor always buy flex suppression?

Analyze not only provides detailed insights into core questions facing your business, but flags business opportunities through data mining that would otherwise be lost or missed in the processing of millions of parts, RFQs, and POs.

Get th

By visualizing data, component manufacturers, distributors, and contract manufacturers can identify and harness insights to more accurately and confidently price, order, and execute.  

Close Strategic Deals That Would Have Previously Been Lost