Benefits of EDI

Orbweaver Connect is the electronic manufacturing industry’s most comprehensive EDI integration solution. Connect’s robust features include additional benefits not available with traditional EDI systems.

Benefits of EDI

EDI Software (Electronic Data Interchange) is a powerful tool for the electronics manufacturing industry. Documents can be transferred quickly while processing errors from manual data input are drastically decreased. Speed and efficiency are also improved, leading to better customer service and improved performance, as organizations are better able to identify and take advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

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While the benefits of EDI are abundant, most EDI systems are expensive and difficult to integrate into business units without a complete overhaul of an organization’s technology.

The price of redesigning applications to integrate EDI into current applications for the electronic component supply chain is often complex and offsets the advantages for small to midsize organizations.

EDI Alternatives: A Procurement Integration and Translation Solution

Orbweaver Connect works as a highly intuitive EDI integration solution to streamline the exchange of information and documents across businesses. Connect enables the immediate transmission of purchase orders, request for quotes, and invoices for the electronics manufacturing industry. Connect is an adapter that translates any file, API, EDI or Excel sheets into one easy-to-read format for procurement and analysis.

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Orbweaver Connect provides secure transmission of electronic data at a scalable level for enterprises and systems looking to get the same benefits without the exorbitant costs.

The benefits of EDI integration solution, Orbweaver Connect, include:

  • Move data from place to place quickly and efficiently
  • Confirm systems are always compatible
  • Eliminate unsecured practices like emailing spreadsheets.

Orbweaver Connect is an EDI software integration solution that provides the same secure and reliable data transfer solutions and benefits of EDI without the overwhelming cost and stress associated with traditional EDI implementation.

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