Bill of Materials

A bill of materials (BOM) is a complete list of the specific raw materials, components, sub-assemblies, and assembly required to manufacture a product along with the equipment and tools needed to build those parts.

These lists contain everything needed to make and ship a complete product right down to the packaging materials required for shipping to a customer.

Bill of materials documents are core to the electronics manufacturing industry and directly affect available inventory, component purchasing, and the processes that happen on the assembly floor.

The Challenges of the Bill of Materials in Electronics Manufacturing

For companies in the electronics manufacturing industry, processing a bill of materials is often an inefficient, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process that disrupts the supply chain.

When a BOM request arrives, the sales and purchasing team needs to find pricing and availability data manually and then research. They then apply customer or volume discounts, formatting information, and forward the response to the potential buyer.

Since there is no centralized data repository for BOMs in a manual process, employees keep informal records which can result in miscommunication throughout the supply chain. It’s likely that each manual BOM follows a separate format, making it difficult to match, confirm, and update data.

These manual records often contain errors like incomplete or incorrect data which can result in ordering the wrong part or quantity of parts leaving a company with unusable components or extra parts that eat up inventory. Fixing these mistakes is time-consuming, expensive, and can cause manufacturing delays that affect a company’s bottom line and productivity.

Maintaining accurate BOMs is vital to the supply chain because it allows organizations to make more conscious decisions to manufacture products in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

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Streamline Your Processes with Bill of Materials Software

Companies in the electronics manufacturing industry can utilize flexible bill of materials software, like Orbweaver Inform, to automate generating, managing, and tracking of requests.

Created specifically for the electronics manufacturing supply chain, Orbweaver Inform is a quote generation system that seamlessly integrates with Excel and automates the BOM process by:

  • Automatically capturing pricing and availability data
  • Applying custom markup and margin calculations on a per-line item, per-customer, or on a promotional basis
  • Generating and formatting the quote in Excel for bill of materials buyers review
  • Allowing full revision control and audit to track the evolution of each quote

By reducing the reliance on repetitive, manual processes, Orbweaver Inform reduces the errors and time associated with manual data retrieval, improving productivity and internal processes. Parts can be purchased, moved, and delivered more quickly allowing the assembly team to improve efficiency and maximize output.

Orbweaver Inform empowers sales teams to spend less time on manually managing bill of materials by leveraging automation and integration features in a bill of materials software.

Teams can then focus time and effort on more valuable and strategic growth tasks like customer relations, winning new business, and closing more deals.

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