Blockchain API

The Gold Standard for Safe and Transparent Electronic Transactions

Blockchain, or distributed ledger systems, are the new standard in safe, transparent electronic transactions. Each transaction is stored in a set that is connected to the ones before and after, so tampering with a single transaction is impossible.

Further, transactions are encrypted, locked with a digital signature, and immediately uploaded to the ledgers of all partners in the system, making the entire system fully transparent.

Because digital ledger systems promise faster, inexpensive transactions, blockchains in the electronics industry can radically change electronics manufacturing companies business processes. Since transactions are secure, the threats of outside interference from hackers, or errors along the supply chain are eliminated. Third-parties and intermediaries, including banks, are no longer necessary, as verifiable exchanges of goods and money can be made direct, partner-to-partner.

Each partner in the blockchain has access to a distributed ledger, which is an exact copy of all of the ledgers in the system. Since each partner has access to the same real-time information, errors are immediately apparent and easy to resolve and miscommunication is practically non-existent, as everyone is working from the same data set.

Additionally, because every ledger is independent there isn’t a centralized data storage point so there isn’t one single point of weakness that can be accessed by a malicious party, making the entire system very secure.

Blockchain API integration can impact electronics manufacturing individuals by:

  • Allowing for faster transactions
  • Providing high security
  • Increasing transparency
  • Lowering costs


The Orbweaver Platform enables companies in the electronics manufacturing industry to integrate blockchain into their current technology stack.

Orbweaver Connect acts as a universal integration and translation engine for manufacturers and distributors along the supply chain. The system seamlessly integrates with technology like  API, XML, EDI or blockchain, enabling companies to securely collect and transmit exchange electronic component data, request for quotes and purchase orders while eliminating the burden on manual processes on staff and productivity.

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