e-procurement trends for electronics manufacturers

Electronics manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors face a number of common challenges. Complex inventory management, inefficient manual processes, and expensive, legacy systems are ongoing issues in a competitive global environment.

E-Procurement is one way that enterprises in the electronics industry are answering these challenges. e-Procurement allows companies to streamline and automate processes, resulting in cost savings, faster cycle times, and improved accuracy.

However, new technologies provide even greater opportunities to improve e-procurement for electronics manufacturers. Some trends to watch for include:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is currently applied to procurement in areas such as spend analytics and contract analytics and is used to identify potential cost savings or process streamlining. In the future, AI/ML may be applied to virtual personal assistants, using natural language processing to automate procurement processes further.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain API is a natural fit for supply chain functions: by creating an indelible record of transactions, blockchain can be applied to procurement, payment, due diligence, and regulatory compliance.

3. Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technologies allow for greater mobility and flexibility by providing electronic manufacturing organizations with access to information regardless of their time or geographic location. In the future, cloud e-procurement combined with IoT for improved data-gathering and analytics will help to make companies more flexible and responsive, enabling them to make better business decisions in a changing environment and improve customer relationships.

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4. Collaboration

The centralization and standardization of data that comes from adopting e-procurement systems helps to break down departmental and functional silos, leading to greater transparency and information sharing between parties. Automating manual processes gives employees greater opportunities to focus on higher-level functions, and greater collaboration allows departments to work together to achieve strategic organizational objectives.

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for companies across all industries. As the risk of a data breach increases, the cost and severity of breaches is growing as well; and the negative publicity associated with a data breach can be difficult for an enterprise to recover from. Ensuring that e-procurement systems are secure from outside threats is a vital part of an overall cybersecurity strategy, as is consistently updating e-procurement cyber defenses.

6. Big Data

While many electronics manufacturers are currently using data analytics for streamlining, planning and forecasting. Big data will find more applications in predictive analytics and planning responses to changes in the environment and supply chain disruptions.

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In the face of growing complexity of operations, and a highly competitive environment, more people are turning to partner companies that specialize in e-procurement software, applications, and integrations. Taking on a business partner that is knowledgeable about the industry, with experience and focus on streamlining business processes, is one way that companies can take advantage of the benefits that e-procurement offers.

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