Why Organization is Critical to Managing Bill of Materials Software

A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.

bill of materials software
Bill of materials software
uses a hierarchical system to organize the parts of assemblies and sub-assemblies. These documents require attention to detail, and it can be a tedious process ensuring the documentation of all the components in a finished product. BOM software enables users to track the different elements that are to go in a completed system.

What is a Bill of Materials?

A bill of materials is a list of all the parts and subparts in the assembly of a larger finished product or system. This document also includes pricing information and a quote for the buyer.

If you were to disassemble a smartphone, you would notice a tiny computer with a multitude of small parts. With so many small components, quality assurance can be daunting. That’s where a Bill of Materials comes in. A bill of materials is critical in production management, especially when it comes to electronics parts.

Consumers use smartphones daily, but what makes them work? Behind every smartphone is a printed circuit board that is assembled by electronics parts manufacturers and vendors. Printed circuit boards are intricate systems that require careful attention to assembly.

The electronics manufacturing industry relies on the use of a bill of materials for all assemblies and sub-assemblies. Stakeholders in the BOM process consist of buyers, vendors, engineers, and quality assurance specialists. Electronics parts include resistors, capacitors, inductors, and more. With so many components, cost, quantity, and quality are important. A bill of materials is an effective management solution for this dilemma.
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How is a Bill of Materials Organized?

A bill of materials includes all the parts in a completed system and follows a hierarchical order. Here’s how a BOM is organized:

  • Completed Assembly
  • Subassembly
  • Part of subassembly

After learning about the bill of materials hierarchical system, the next step is knowing all the parts that go into making a standardized bill of materials.

Before starting, make sure to have the contact information of the buyer and all relevant information to complete the assembly.

After completing a system, it is time to review the bill of materials and confirm the documentation of parts. All stakeholders should have their copies of the BOM for quality assurance. Stakeholders receive their copies of the BOM via e-mail (Word, Excel), PDF, or through software. An electronic bill of materials can expedite the e-procurement process.

Bill of Materials software

Orbweaver is an end-to-end integration and automation solution which simplifies and streamlines electronic procurement. From directly intaking and translating different data to processing and managing incoming BOMs, to automating the creation of BOMs in Excel, the Orbweaver Platform saves countless hours and dollars and improves your procurement and distribution process to win more business.

Orbweaver Inform automatically captures and imports pricing and availability data into Excel, custom markup and margin calculations are applied, and quotes are formatted for buyer review. Hours of work become minutes, giving your salespeople the time they need to perform value-add, high-skill work.

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