E Procurement

The Orbweaver platform eliminates any complexity relating to the RFQ and RFP process and streamlines the supplier-client relationship for electronics manufacturing.

E Procurement

E Procurement within the electronics industry is the process of purchasing and distributing component parts along the supply chain.

Automating tasks with e procurement software is the best way to streamline processes, reduce costs, and create transparency and accurate data analytics. Automation increases productivity, with faster transaction speeds, creating even more opportunities for cost improvement and business growth.

However, to get the maximum benefit from automating processes, choosing the correct e procurement solution is key.

Using the correct e procurement solution, you can automate RFQ intake, execution, management and analysis. And with automation, your company can reduce errors, streamline workflows, and integrate with internal and external business systems. Purchase Order automation offers many of the same benefits, with the addition of touchless reconciliation of price, product, and delivery options.

Orbweaver Advance

Orbweaver Advance is the only fully-integrated solution specifically designed to serve the needs of the electronic components industry. Created by electronics component industry insiders, Orbweaver Advance can help you to improve your procurement department’s efficiency and productivity, while reducing errors and costs.

Not only does Orbweaver Advance integrate with existing internal business systems, but it also works in partnership with systems including MRP, ERP, and inter-company data transfer solutions.

  • Advance also automates exception approval workflow, and allows for the sourcing and analyzing of historical data within the system.

  • Data analytics are built into the system, providing you with data standardization, reporting, and immediate insights.

  • Activity queues allow for complete transparency throughout the procurement cycle to allow for the management of issues before they become problems.

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