E Procurement Software

As the electronics manufacturing industry shifts towards the use of technology, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers are transforming their procurement process with the help of E Procurement software.

E Procurement software integrates with existing platforms and tools to facilitate the B2B purchase and sale of electronic components through an internet-based, cloud-based or electronic data interchange (EDI) software.


E Procurement Software: The Benefits


Quick Transactions
  • Make purchases in real time
  • Customers have direct access to inventory/pricing
  • The line between winning and losing business is most often getting relevant information to potential customers before competitors do
Cost Savings
  • Accurate records prevent maverick spending
  • The time and resources saved through electronic communication
Reliable Data
  • All purchases use the same form for standardized data collection
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fewer manual errors
Improved Productivity
  • Less time spent on menial, redundant tasks
  • Easy-to-use forms and templates
Electronic Records
  • Recorded transactions make report writing and analysis easier
  • No more paper
  • Everything is logged and accessible online

Utilizing an E procurement platform, like Orbweaver, is crucial for organizations in the electronics manufacturing industry who want to streamline processes, improve productivity, and reduce costs through automation.

How Automation is Transforming Electronics Manufacturing

The Orbweaver Platform is built specifically for electronics manufacturers by industry experts. This E procurement solution automates the procurement cycle to enable electronics manufacturers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of internal processes while cutting costs and providing the data and analytics they need to make real-time business decisions.

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