EDI Software

What is EDI Software?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Software facilitates the exchange of information and documents across businesses. EDI enables the immediate transmission of purchase orders, request for quotes, and invoices. While the benefits are vast and include speed and accuracy, EDI software is often expensive and complex to install and maintain.

Other limitations of EDI include not fully integrating into individual business units without a complete overhaul of an organization’s system. The cost of redesigning applications to integrate EDI into current applications for the electronic component supply chain is often complex and offsets the advantages for small to midsize organizations.

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EDI Alternatives

A substantial investment in technology and network infrastructure is often required, which make traditional EDI software unattainable for most companies. However, alternatives are in place which provides the immediate transmission of data at a more scalable level for enterprises and businesses looking to get the same benefits.

With EDI Alternatives like Orbweaver Connect you do not have to deploy and maintain expensive systems and platforms:

  • Move data from place to place quickly and efficiently.
  • Eliminate unsecured practices like emailing spreadsheets.
  • Confirm systems are always compatible.

Orbweaver Connect is an EDI Alternative that provides the same secure and reliable data transfer solutions without the overwhelming cost and stress associated with traditional EDI implementation.

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