Electronic Component Database

An electronic component database is a database that includes all the electronic components in a given organization. The electronics manufacturing industry uses these databases to catalog parts and manage inventory. 

What is in an Electronic Component Database?

An electronic component database organizes all the electronic components the organization possesses. These components are inserted in assemblies and subassemblies.

The most common electronic components include inductors, resistors, capacitors, and switches. The database consists of an inventory of these components, along with relevant specifications that differentiate the different sizes of these components. 

This comprehensive storage system comprises several sub-categories such as part type, part name, part number, specifications, inventory count, and more.  

Who uses Electronic Component Databases?

Organizing your electronic component database makes management much simpler as database users can easily search for the desired part, and determine if the desired quantity is available for use or purchase. Database users throughout the electronics supply chain include consumers, vendors, distributors, and engineers and makes it easy for them to seek out the parts for assembly. 

Electronic Database and E-Procurement

An electronic database enables companies to be at the forefront of sales opportunities. Databases keep companies organized, whether for part inventory or a client relationship to provide data about clients and their needs. When a database is combined with an e-commerce tool the result is an entirely automated e-procurement solution, such as the Orbweaver Platform.

The Orbweaver Platform simplifies the electronics ordering and distribution process. Orbweaver’s solution saves distributors, component manufacturers, and contract manufacturers a significant amount of money and time. Orbweaver manages comprehensive electronic component databases and provides buyers with the specific information they need to find the right solutions for their assemblies.

Connect, a universal intake and translation engine, can transfer data between two dissimilar systems (API, EDI, Excel, and much more) to expedite the process of finding the parts for assembly. This secure software uses an automated process to transfer the data, giving the workforce the freedom to tackle more significant strategic initiatives.

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