Electronic Component Purchasing

Orbweaver is the first and only provider of complete, real-time supply chain integration solutions for distributors, manufacturers and contract manufacturers in the electronics industry.

Electronic component purchasing is one of the most complicated of all supply chain and procurement activities, involving hundreds and thousands of specialized parts and suppliers.

Visibility and key data insights within the electronic component supply chain are priceless and should drive strategic business decisions.

Unfortunately, too many companies are bogged down by manual processes to ever take full advantage of these insights.

Do your tactical objectives outrank strategic priorities?

Keeping the business running in the short-term while managing RFPs, RFQs, and POs is a purchasing department’s tactical focus. After all, you can’t let today’s business fall apart while preparing for tomorrow.

In the short term, staff all along the supply chain can be overwhelmed with the sheer number of documents and requests that must be manually reviewed, sorted, and processed, often on tight deadlines. Time constraints mean that this activity must be prioritized at the expense of a more strategic focus, including the evaluation of potential new suppliers, risk management activities, and relationship building in line with the long-term strategic objectives of the company.

A comprehensive automation solution built specifically for the electronics component industry, such as Orbweaver Advance, is the key to meeting both short and long-term purchasing goals.

With Advance, your company can realize the benefits of automating electronic component purchasing with streamlined processes, fewer errors, and analytical insights while saving time and money.

With Orbweaver Advance, distributors, manufacturers and contract manufacturers can:

  • Reduce errors
  • Streamline workflows
  • Increase productivity
  • Integrate with existing systems

Orbweaver Advance automates the RFQ process, with real-time component pricing, exception approval, and analytics. PO automation includes sourcing, PO issuance, exception management, and touchless reconciliation.

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