Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic manufacturing involves the manufacturing, design, development, and servicing of electronic equipment and components.

The electronic manufacturing industry has faced many challenges and changes over the past decade, especially in regards to the time-consuming process of procurement and inventory management. Processes that once took hours have been altered and streamlined to mere seconds.

Automation solutions have transformed electronic manufacturing services by improving the transfer, intake, and response time to massive amounts of data.

Automation for the electronic manufacturing industry

Supply chain professionals in the electronics industry face serious challenges associated with transferring enormous amounts of information to and from different systems, with incompatible formats. Electronic components supply chain professionals receive thousands of RFQs and POs that must be sorted and processed, but manual processes are time-consuming and prone to error.

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The Orbweaver Platform streamlines the procurement cycle for electronics by automating key processes throughout the supply chain.

Orbweaver Connect is a translation engine that makes it possible to integrate data from various systems to make electronic data interchange possible, without the expense of an EDI system. Connect can take data in any format, including spreadsheets, and normalize it to a usable configuration without the need for manual translation or data entry.

Once data is translated through Connect, Orbweaver Advance allows for streamlining and automatic intake, processing, and submission of RFQs and POs. With Advance, component pricing, historical data, and exception approval workflows are automated, streamlining your processes and improving responsiveness by up to 1000%.

Orbweaver Analyze automatically cross-references available inventory with pre-approved alternatives for parts that are out of stock or no longer available, so that salespeople have instant access to acceptable substitutions to meet customer requirements without losing sales to competitors.

Generating a quote requires substantial effort on the part of the sales team, pulling pricing, availability, and discount information, formatting, reviewing and sending to the potential buyer. Additionally, manual processes are prone to error and slow in meeting customer needs. Orbweaver Inform is an automated quote generation solution that captures pricing and availability data, applies custom markup and margin calculations, and formats quotes in Excel for distribution to buyers. Inform streamlines your processes, increases your responsiveness, and enables sales professionals to focus on high-value efforts.

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