Generate quotes directly in Excel and get to market faster with a proven, industry-specific solution.

BOM to Excel

Today, how much time and effort does your sales team put into generating a quote after an RFQ arrives?

At the very least, he or she has to obtain pricing and availability data (in your system of record or from your suppliers), apply customer-specific and volume discounts, format the information, and send the quote to the potential buyer. That represents hours of work, at a minimum. And with so many manual steps, you are making mistakes and not getting to your customer fast enough.

Not anymore. Orbweaver INFORM is an automated quote generation and support solution—designed specifically for the electronic parts industry—operating as a low friction tool within the Orbweaver Platform ecosystem.

RFQ direct to Excel: 

With Orbweaver Inform, pricing and availability data is automatically captured and imported into Excel, custom markup and margin calculations are applied, and quotes are formatted for review. Hours of work manually updating your RFQ in Excel becomes minutes, giving your salespeople the time they need to perform value-add, high-skill work.

Why Orbweaver Inform?
  • Sales bandwidth is significantly increased, thanks to automated pricing and availability data importation and application of margin and markup calculations.
  • Margin and markup can be calculated line by line or across an entire RFQ, based on any desired combination of factors (customer, manufacturer, line, promotions, etc.).
  • Salespeople gain the ability to focus their efforts on particularly noteworthy pieces of the quote (such as high-value parts) and value-add activities like network building and relationship maintenance.
  • Manual processes and data entry is minimized, reducing the potential for errors.
  • Full revision control and audit trails track the history and evolution of all quotes.

Generate Quotes In Seconds