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Orbweaver is the first and only provider of complete, real-time supply chain integration solutions for distributors, manufacturers and contract manufacturers in the electronics industry.

An organization’s overall success is tied to the accuracy and efficiency of its procurement cycle. However, many companies use outdated and inefficient processes that have been adopted over the years. These processes tend to rely on manual activities that are unsecured and prone to error. For the electronics industry, errors in crucial supply chain data can lead to losses in efficiency, and more importantly, losses in business deals.

Automating the procurement cycle increases the efficiency, accuracy, and data security of processes throughout the supply chain, allowing valuable time and resources to be devoted to higher-level, strategic goals.

One major concern with automating the procurement cycle is finding an application that is platform-agnostic and can integrate with any and all partner systems for the collection and transmission of secure data throughout the procurement cycle.

The Orbweaver Platform

The Orbweaver Platform is a  suite of web-based software that allows electronics manufacturers to more rapidly, comprehensively, and cost-effectively develop competitive part-pricing and bills of material. By automating processes within the procurement cycle with Orbweaver, manufacturers can increase their efficiency 1000-fold.

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Orbweaver Connect
 is a procurement cycle automation solution that intakes and translates data from any EDI, API, spreadsheet, or digital database format. Connect streamlines the bulk intake of information from disparate systems and transforms key supply chain data into an organized, easy-to-read format. Relying on employees to analyze, interpret, input, and act upon the information from vendors and suppliers strains resources that could be better applied to higher-level, strategic objectives.

With Orbweaver, you can instantly and securely transfer and use critical supply chain data, resulting in dramatic increases in efficiency, reductions in cost and improvements in customer service.

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Automating the intake and output of data, in a secure, platform-agnostic system creates a more efficient, and ultimately more successful procurement cycle:

  • Connect changes output to the format preferred by partner systems, so all communication in the procurement cycle can be automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  • Connect improves productivity, errors are reduced, and efficiency is improved all along the supply chain.

Take automation one step further with Orbweaver Advance, an application that will help you to automate the PO and RFQ process:

  • Advance streamlines the RFQ and PO processes to eliminate manual intake, processing, and analysis.

  • It also reduces the time to respond to business partners and ensuring that your organization takes immediate advantage of every available opportunity.  

Orbweaver Advance provides seamless integration, touchless reconciliation, and automatically-routed exception management of all RFP/RFQs and POs to increase the efficiency and productivity of the procurement department.

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