Purchase Order

A purchase order is a document that not only designates the item, quantity, and supplier that a company has agreed to purchase, it also plays a vital role in risk management, liability, and audit trails.

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What is a purchase order?

Manual PO processes are inefficient, using excessive time and resources for an administrative, repetitive function. And despite the importance of a streamlined, accurate PO process, manual PO processing is prone to inaccuracies and errors, which require further investments of time and resources to resolve. 

Simple improvements like automation can effectively streamline purchase order management workflows within the electronics industry.

Automating your PO process with Orbweaver Advance allows a centralized solution for organizing and tracking the intake and processing of purchase orders. Advance fully integrates with internal systems and is compatible with data flow for electronic data transfer with external partners.

With Orbweaver Advance PO, you can automate:

  • Sourcing
  • Purchase Order Issuance
  • Reconciliation
  • Exception Management

Orbweaver Advance PO centralizes access and standardization to the PO process with automated processing, approvals, and tracking. Processes are streamlined and transparent, providing a full view of the process and data on specific documents.

Automating your purchase order process can improve speed, efficiency, and productivity while reducing costs and providing hard data and reports that can be used to identify potential problem areas.

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