A PIM solution that centralizes both component attribute and pricing information, providing for more efficient and reliable publication of product information to your internal digital assets and sales channel support resources.

Centralizing both component attribute data and price & availability information, this unique combination provides a unified data pipe to empower your ecommerce platform, marketing assets, internal information systems and external trading partners, optimizing efficiency and making for a cohesive conversation throughout your business units.

  • Built for the Electronics Industry by Electronic Industry professionals so data elements are aligned with expectations and familiar to the user and their requirements.
  • Powered by Connect, Supplier Data may be ingested in any format, making real-time integration with the entire Supply Chain a reality for Electronic Component Distributors.
  • For Electronic Component Manufacturers, the opportunity to centralize and visualize data management makes for a more powerful and richer distribution of data to direct and distribution sales channels.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface means that you can be up and running efficiently and profitably in less time than other PIM solutions.
  • Preview and export data segments to test information availability and validate use cases.


Orbweaver Connect streamlines the transfer of data between disparate systems. Connect can translate and deliver any language or protocol for real-time communication between multiple systems or programs.


Orbweaver Advance automates RFQ intake & processing, increasing quote responsiveness by up to 1000% more than current, manual processes.

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