Advance automates the sales order intake and validation processes, regardless of whether the order is inbound from EDI, API, your online store, SFTP, PDF or a manually uploaded flat file. It just works.

Confirm lead time, price, availability and part number in seconds without the need of cutting and pasting, duplicate data entry or swivel chair operations that are so prevalent in the industry today.

Advance also automates the EDI conversation by delivering 855 and 865 Acknowledgements directly to your Customer, simultaneous to the order submission to your System of Record or MRP.

Sales Order Intake & Validation Automations:

  • Price, part number, lead time and availability validation
  • Touchless integration with your existing system records
  • Exception management
  • EDI replacement

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Simplify your RFQ process in three easy steps and save thousands of wasted hours and dollars.

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Case Study: Venkel

Orbweaver saved Venkel thousands of hours previously spent manually processing millions of lines of RFQ part requests.

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Orbweaver Connect streamlines the transfer of data between disparate systems. Connect can translate and deliver any language or protocol for real-time communication between multiple systems or programs.


Orbweaver Advance automates RFQ intake & processing, increasing quote responsiveness by up to 1000% more than current, manual processes.


Orbweaver Analyze is a data science solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make sense of all of your data. We help you make informed decisions with predictive analytics and make smart sales decisions.


A robust ecommerce platform built for the electronics industry, Orbweaver Accelerate is enhanced with real time connectivity to your supply chain, providing accurate leadtime, availability and pricing data at all times.

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