It isn’t a question of if you need to integrate to your customers and suppliers, it is a question of how do to it with the most value at the highest return on investment.

Orbweaver integrates you to your customers and suppliers regardless of their preferred data delivery mechanism. Whether via API, EDI, Flat File, or other data exchange format, Orbweaver seamlessly ingests, normalizes and exchanges data between you and your trading partners.

Orbweaver only transports data on a peer-to-peer basis between two trading partners that both agree to exchange the data, usually imposing some agreed upon terms of service. We do not sell, anonymize or mine your data.

We currently move data for or on behalf of several hundred companies exclusive to the Electronics Industry. So we have confidence that any data that is currently moving in the industry, we either have familiarity with it, or are moving it already on someone’s behalf. And although we often find business relationships between two parties is unique, our familiarity in the industry and educational materials do help move conversations forward.

Sales Automation Enablement

The sales automation solutions offered by Orbweaver, such as RFQ Intake, Sales Order Intake & Validation, Part Information Management (PIM) and eCommerce Solutions, are enriched through the real-time data exchange with Customers and Suppliers.

The intake of data available from Suppliers, such as price, availability, leadtime, and attribute data make for a richer and more accurate response to inbound RFQs.

Similarly, direct connectivity to customers in a variety of formats, makes for a more robust and more convenient customer experience. Customer Integration ties you to your customer in a way that enables efficient and cost effective transactions, while providing a reliable framework with which to conduct business.

  • Be first to reply to inbound customer requests.
  • Provide the best customer experience.
  • Win more business.

API Enablement

If you are intrigued by the benefits of API integration, but do not yourself have an API data exchange to offer your Customers or Suppliers, Orbweaver can help you. Working with your digital team, we can construct an API and author the API Instructions on your behalf.

Procurement Cycle

Although our core value proposition is in the area of Sales Automation, Orbweaver does provide data transport and automation solutions in the purchasing cycle as well, implementing custom solutions that substantially increase efficiency through automation, eliminating swivel chair operations, duplicate entry, web searches, reducing emails, etc.

As a set of building blocks, the tools offered by Orbweaver may be used to assemble any number of solutions, including within the purchasing cycle. In that vein, although Orbweaver does not today offer an out of the box procurement solution, it may be of benefit to discuss your purchasing objectives, what an ideal procurement engine might look like, and how Orbweaver might be able to get you there.


Orbweaver Connect streamlines the transfer of data between disparate systems. Connect can translate and deliver any language or protocol for real-time communication between multiple systems or programs.


Orbweaver Advance automates RFQ intake & processing, increasing quote responsiveness by up to 1000% more than current, manual processes.

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