This release introduces several enhancements and new features aimed at improving data accuracy and user interaction with our various solutions.
Key updates include an enhanced part diffing process that allows for more accurate capture of changes on part data imports, and the addition of customer part numbers to supplier API calls, enabling more specific pricing. Furthermore, the release introduces improved data retention configurations to support contractual obligations and adds real-time visibility to transform runs for system administrators. These improvements enhance both the flexibility and efficiency of data management within the DataHub platform.
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Enhanced Part Diffing Process
Reworked the way arrays are diff’d for changes, to more accurately capture changes on part data imports.
Added Customer Part Number to Supplier API Calls
Some supplier APIs now accept CPN to offer more specific pricing. CPN is now available as an optional parameter on our Part Lookup calls.
Improved Data Retention Configuration
Each organization can be configured with data retention policies to better support contractual obligations for data storage.
Added Real-time Visibility to Transform Runs
System Admin
System Admins can see a unified view of all active transforms running and filter by status.
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