The Problem
Companies managing data and processes with emails, spreadsheets and manual resources.
The Solution
Orbweaver’s sales and purchasing automation for manufacturing and distribution companies.
It doesn't have to be this difficult.
Orbweaver can help you automate manual processes such as pricebook and attribute file distribution, quote requests, sales order processing, purchasing operations, and API integration; all while improving the efficiency and accuracy of data exchanged between you and your suppliers and customers.
Price Books & Attribute Distribution

Component Manufacturers may automatically distribute real-time component attribute data, client-specific pricing and availability to your Distribution Partners and Direct Customers, increasing the velocity, accuracy, reliability and efficiency of sales operations.

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Part Information Management (PIM) & Supplier Integration

Distributors and parts buyers may directly integrate your systems to real-time supplier data, or to Orbweaver’s PIM solution, developed exclusively for the electronics industry.

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Client Portal & eCommerce

Establish a world-class e-commerce platform and customer login portal powered by real-time data connectivity. Enable instant shopping carts, purchase order placement, and quote requests and responses, and provide your customers with a set of tools to better engage with your sales team.

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Quote Automation

Improve the speed with which you respond to inbound quote requests (RFQs), quoting more line items with enhanced reliably so you can get back to your customer in seconds instead of days or weeks.

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Sales Order Automation

Ingest inbound sales orders from multiple sources to a single work queue, including API, EDI, web orders, flat files, and deliver to your system of record only reliable information validated in real time.

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Purchase Order Automation

Issue purchase orders with a “touchless” solution, utilizing client-specific pricing, real-time inventory availability, and cross-reference information according to definable rules regarding positive price variation, excess minimization, least total cost, lead time and supplier preference.

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Something Else?

Orbweaver has assembled a world-class software platform, currently operating the digitized supply chain networks of some of the largest and most well-respected companies in the Electronics Manufacturing industry. Our enterprise-class clients have deployed these resources in dynamic and unprecedented ways to address specific pain points and achieve respectable ROI. If you don’t see a solution to address your challenges, feel free to contact us, or read more about our technical platform.

  • Ship and Debit Management
  • Point of Sale Reports
  • Commission Management
  • Field Sales Integration
  • CRM Synchronization
  • eCommerce
  • Custom APIs

Orbweaver Success Stories

Fernando Spada
Fernando Spada VP Marketing & Digital Engagement KEMET Electronics Corporation
“At KEMET we are committed to using the power of digitally enabled tools and capabilities to help us deliver the best products and services to the thousands of customers we serve globally. Our partnership with Orbweaver has allowed us to use their leading products and collaborate with their best in class people to develop JetStream, KEMET’s new quoting platform that enables us to be faster, smarter and more collaborative to respond to the thousands of lines we quote globally every day.”
Anand Venkatrao
Anand Venkatrao Director of Business Development Venkel
“After considering several other companies, we were impressed with Orbweaver's comprehensive understanding of our industry. They immediately spoke our language and knew the complex nature of the part data we were managing manually. They listened to our problems and provided solutions to automate key processes which ultimately had a direct impact on our business. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Orbweaver to further advance our customer-facing technology.”
David Ginsberg
David Ginsberg Vice President of Supply Chain Sonic Manufacturing
“Orbweaver has established trust and knows the right people to talk to at various companies. All the way around, from the technical implementation, to networking, to overcoming roadblocks, they’ve been great to work with.”
Digi-Key Electronics
Digi-Key Electronics Executive Vice-President Sales & Supplier Management  
“In the world of connectivity, Orbweaver is the glue. As Digi-Key continues to invest in our digital platform, we have selected Orbweaver as our preferred data integrator.”
Tim Fredricks
Tim Fredricks Channel Account Manager Advantech
“It’s like the consumer market with Amazon. Your customers want to see what you have, if it meets their needs, and how quickly they can get it at a reasonable price. The future is now in terms of automation for business to business.”
Mike Okel
Mike Okel President Hughes-Peters, Inc.
“We have been working with and following Orbweaver’s development since their inception and it feels like the API conversation in the industry is really starting to take root. The products and services offered by Orbweaver in this regard are a real efficiency gain and serve to be a significant benefit for the industry.”
Tom Ballou
Tom Ballou Technical Sales & Marketing Representative Hammond Manufacturing
“Orbweaver works with the big distributors daily so they understand their data requirements. Integration has been moving’s been pretty simple on our end: supplying the same information to Orbweaver that we’ve been manually e-mailing to distributors all these years.”
Kate Facklam
Kate Facklam North America eProcurement Business Development Newark / Element14
“Speed to market is critical in any industry and Orbweaver has facilitated this rapidly with some of our customers. Orbweaver has provided valuable services to Newark element14 customers, assisting them with higher level, instant access to our product detail, current available inventory, and pricing though our API. We look forward to their continued contributions.”

Orbweaver, by means of our proprietary Lockbox technology, provides the highest level of data security for the industry.

We do not sell, anonymize or mine your data. Orbweaver offers the only Peer to Peer Data Transport exclusive to the Electronics Industry.

Case Studies


Purchase Order Automation

Sonic Manufacturing

With aspirations of a fully automated and digitally integrated supply chain, Sonic Manufacturing selected Orbweaver for integration with its suppliers, the first partnership of its kind in the electronics industry.

Find out how much time & money your business can save by automating the sales process with Orbweaver.

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