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“After considering several other companies, we were impressed with Orbweaver’s comprehensive understanding of our industry. They immediately spoke our language and knew the complex nature of the part data we were managing manually. They listened to our problems and provided solutions to automate key processes which ultimately had a direct impact on our business. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Orbweaver to further advance our customer-facing technology.”

Director of Business Development, Venkel

“Speed to market is critical in any industry and Orbweaver has facilitated this rapidly with some of our customers. Orbweaver has provided valuable services to Newark element14 customers, assisting them with higher level, instant access to our product detail, current available inventory, and pricing though our API. We look forward to their continued contributions.”

Team Lead, North America eProcurement Business Development

“It is hard to imagine the time and labor saved from not having to hand-key 20,000 purchase orders, as well as the phenomenal improvement in performance and delivery. These 10 million parts consist of over 8,000 unique part numbers delivered on over 20,000 purchase order lines; frequently for next-day delivery. This program has a direct impact on factory turnaround and customer satisfaction.”

Vice President of Supply Chain, Sonic

“At KEMET we are committed to using the power of digitally enabled tools and capabilities to help us deliver the best products and services to the thousands of customers we serve globally. Our partnership with Orbweaver has allowed us to use their leading products and collaborate with their best in class people to develop JetStream, KEMET’s new quoting platform that enables us to be faster, smarter and more collaborative to respond to the thousands of lines we quote globally every day.”

VP Global Distribution, KEMET Electronics Corporation

"Through this integration process with our trading partner, we found Orbweaver easy to work with, knowledgeable of the industry and very capable. I expect Orbweaver’s technology solutions, and the inherent peer-to-peer security offered by Orbweaver to be a critical component of similar integrations for Sonic Manufacturing and Digi-Key. in the future.”

Vice President of Supply Chain, Digi-Key

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Download the eBook: Best Practices for RFQ Intake and Response

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