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Part Data Management
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Part Data Management
Effortlessly organize, use, and share data for catalogs containing millions of parts.
Benefits & Features
Enhanced part data management is a competitive advantage.
Unified Data Ingestion
in Any Format
Ingest data from multiple sources, internal or external, and in any format.
CSV/XLSX, EDI, PDF, XML, Flat Files, APIs, JSON, and more
Advanced Search & Configuration
Orbweaver organizes all data into one single platform for effortless management.
Navigate through millions of parts with ease.
Simplified Publishing & Sharing
Search, configure, price, and manage changes in part data. Publish and share in any format required.
Share relevant data with internal stakeholders, partners and customers.
The Orbweaver Advantage
Your focus is on selling more, saving time and money, and building your competitive advantage. Orbweaver makes this happen.
We have been implementing procurement automation in the electronics industry since 2012.
API Calls
Trusted By
Leaders in the Industry
Our customers trust us to enable powerful, secure, and efficient supply chain automation.
Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management Part Data Management
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Data Storage and Format Considerations for Future-Proofing Your Digital Transformation
Current situation: You are working within the electronics industry. You have data management responsibilities and are looking to embark upon a digital transformation strategy that will 1) provide insights for your organization, 2) integrate your organization more seamlessly with your trading partners, and 3) create opportunities for automation to capture new efficiencies.
Part Data Management
“Launching our Product Information Management (PIM) system within the OnelBS 365 Technology suite exemplifies our commitment to technological innovation. It's designed to ensure that our customers always have access to precise and comprehensive product information. By prioritizing data accuracy and reliability, we empower our customers with the confidence to make informed decisions.”
Part Data Management
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