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Part Data Syndication
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Part Data Syndication
Organize, normalize, and transmit data in any format your customers prefer.
Benefits & Features
Enhanced part data syndication is a competitive advantage.
Unified Data Ingestion
in Any Format
Ingest data from multiple sources, internal or external, and in any format.
CSV/XLSX, EDI, PDF, XML, Flat Files, APIs, JSON, and more
Monitoring Dashboard
Audit and confirm the flow of data from your suppliers.
Navigate through millions of parts with ease
More part data =
more parts sold
Meet customers’ expectations for rich part data and rapid decision-making.
Share relevant data with internal stakeholders, partners and customers
The Orbweaver Advantage
Your focus is on selling more, saving time and money, and building your competitive advantage. Orbweaver makes this happen.
We have been implementing procurement automation in the electronics industry since 2012.
API Calls
Trusted By
Leaders in the Industry
Our customers trust us to enable powerful, secure, and efficient supply chain automation.
Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication Part Data Syndication
From the Blog:
Why Part Data Integrations Enhance Sales of Electronic Components
It is widely known that the data associated with components being sold is just as important as the components themselves. Components are transported worldwide via planes, trains, and ships to reach their distribution locations, and sometimes, they arrive before their supporting data is available. The stock of components is not considered real until all of their parametric data is loaded into Product Information Management (PIM) and online systems, making them “live” and ready to be purchased. There are bottlenecks on both ends of the process. Orbweaver solves this problem.
Part Data Syndication
“Orbweaver’s DataHub Platform is a key element of our OneIBS 365 Technology Stack, providing advanced part data management capability crucial for our customers.”
Part Data Syndication
Rob Tavi
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