RFQ Process Automation

An RFQ processing automation solution built for the electronic manufacturing industry. Increase quote responsiveness up to 1000% faster than current processes. Eliminate hours of manual processing for Inbound RFQ management.

Electronics professionals along the components supply chain receive thousands of requests for quotes (RFQs) to open, review, sort, and process by hand. Distributors and Component Manufacturers understand all too well the hassle associated with inbound RFQs. Their customers don’t have the luxury of waiting weeks for responses from their suppliers.


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Manual RFQ processes waste hundreds of hours better spent on other tasks. Why sacrifice talented and highly skilled employees on manual data processing when you can leverage a comprehensive automated solution? Quote more lines, be first to the customer, and win more business with Advance!

Sales Order Intake and Validation

Advance also automates the sales order intake and validation processes, regardless of if the order is inbound from EDI, API, your online store, SFTP, PDF or a flat file that you can drag and drop into your Advance Portal.

Confirm lead time, price, availability and part number in seconds without the need to cutting and pasting, duplicate data entry or swivel chair operations that are so prevalent in the industry today.

And with Orbweaver Advance, automated confirmations to your customers are standard, including EDI 855 confirmation.

Why automate Sales Operations with Orbweaver Advance?

Orbweaver Advance is a fully integrated solution designed to automate the painful and time-consuming aspects of RFQ intake, execution, management, and analysis. Advance seamlessly integrates into your existing business systems. 

  • Automated processing reduces error potential and streamlines workflows. Route exceptions to a web portal for seamless resolution between internal and external stakeholders.
  • Cohesive integration eliminates the burden on both suppliers and customers. Advance works with existing workflows and data transfer solutions to enhance and amplify your productivity.
  • Source and analyze historical data at your fingertips.

Orbweaver Advance RFQ automates a variety of tasks including:

  • Component pricing pulled from an integration with the user’s system (usually an MRP or ERP)
  • Analyzing historical data
  • Exception approval workflow 
  • Activity queues
  • Out-of-the-box analytics providing immediate insights

Orbweaver Advance SO Intake automates:

  • Price, part number, leadtime and availability validation
  • Touchless integration with your existing system records
  • Exception management
  • EDI replacement

New Call-to-actionDeveloped by a team of electronic industry insiders for the electronic component industry, Orbweaver Advance provides a seamless integration that will maintain the nuances of your existing sales processes and workflows while enhancing and streamlining your business capabilities.

Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars on Procurement Processes