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What is a Purchase Order?

When obtaining supplies, products, or services from vendors many companies might be faced with the question, “what is a purchase order?”

A purchase order is a document representing the initial offer from a buyer to a seller. It must include type, quantity, and price for products and services, and when the seller accepts a purchase order, it creates a legally binding contract between the two parties.

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March 16, 2018 Blog

What is EDI Software?

EDI Software Definition

EDI software, or Electronic Data Interchange, facilitates the exchange of information and documents between business partners.

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February 19, 2018 Blog

How to Solve the 3 Most Significant Problems in Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing professionals face many challenges in the current business environment. A global marketplace means that the supply chain is continually growing more complex and widespread, with new players entering the field daily. Competition is high, so manufacturers must take advantage of every opportunity for business that comes their way. And operating margins are shrinking, so costs must be tightly controlled.

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January 31, 2018 Blog
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