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Email Is the Enemy in Electronic Parts Buying

Everyone involved in the electronic parts industry knows the pain of email. Sure, it’s the most common way to transmit pricing and availability data, but it’s also a royal pain.

Inboxes quickly fill up with massive spreadsheet attachments. Information is lost in the clutter. Important messages are missed or forgotten. And highly sensitive data is left exposed.

Unfortunately, traditionally there have been few effective ways to avoid the email mess. EDI (electronic data interchange), in particular, is a good option, but it’s far too expensive for all but the largest contract manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to implement.

Why are those in the electronic parts industry still relying on email to transmit pricing and availability data when it is a royal pain?

Orbweaver’s CTO Tony Powell provides the five problems with email in a recent Global Purchasing article, as well as a practical solution for consideration.

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