Translate any input into any necessary output allowing for real-time communication between any two systems.

A universal integration and translation engine built for the electronics industry, Orbweaver Connect streamlines the bulk intake of data from disparate systems. Connect can translate and deliver any input type into a single platform for real-time communication between multiple formats or programs.

Professionals along the electronic parts supply chain understand common challenges associated with receiving and sending massive amounts of a component, RFQ, or sales order data from dissimilar systems and software databases.

Thankfully, successful integration of data through diverse systems is possible with Orbweaver Connect.

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Orbweaver Connect has the benefits of an EDI and API without the expense. Connect adapts and transmits data from dissimilar systems (API, EDI, Excel, and more) to simplify communication.

Why Rely on Connect to Organize and Transfer Your Secure Data?

Profitability and directly correlates to how companies handle data integration, input, and output. Manually analyzing lines of information and relying on manpower to measure and act on this data expends unnecessary time and resources.

Connect works as an adapter within any API, EDI, or Excel system. Whatever "plug" or input you use, your system can "speak" and communicate directly with your customer (distributor or manufacturer) through Orbweaver Connect.

Expending the most valuable commodity a company has, your workforce, is a wasteful most companies should not sacrifice, as these hundreds of hours of manual review could be better spent on optimizing business processes.

Most organizations rely on unsecured data transfer methods through email communication. However, this practice is becoming increasingly inefficient and outdated as automation increases the success and ease of system integration.

Orbweaver Connect translates any input into any necessary output allowing for real-time communication between any two systems. Most importantly, in a secure and reliable manner that directly contributes to increased productivity throughout your entire workforce.

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Directly Intake and Translate Secure Data from Any System