In the electronic parts industry, email is the enemy. It’s slow, it’s inefficient, it’s disorganized and — most of all — it’s not secure. That’s why there’s Orbweaver Lockbox™.

Our fully encrypted data upload and storage utility allows OEMs, distributors and contract manufacturers to quickly and easily share customer-specific pricing and availability data with authorized users in a reliable, compliant and – most of all – secure fashion.

Forget the hassle (and potential legal exposure) of emailing pricing information and bills of materials. With Orbweaver Lockbox, you can simply upload your information (in any format, from any source) and grant access to the individuals and organizations who should be able to access them. It’s that simple – and, thanks to individualized encryption keys, so secure that not even Orbweaver has access to your data.

Why Orbweaver Lockbox?

  • Secured method of transmitting highly sensitive files throughout the supply chain
  • Granular security and version control features
  • Manage access, see who’s viewed what, and set expiration dates on files

How It’s Used

Included in every Orbweaver Platform deployment, Orbweaver Lockbox is the vanguard of our industry-leading focus on security, and the front door to the Orbweaver Connect protocol switching and transfer engine. With Orbweaver Lockbox, personnel at manufacturers, distributors and contract manufacturers can feel 100 percent comfortable uploading their sensitive data.

Protect Your Sensitive Component Data