Orbweaver Advance is a web-based tool that allows our customers to monitor, manipulate, and apply automated workflows to their data as it flows through the Connect integration component.

The Advance component includes the following data review & manipulation features:

  • View all data integration activity, both in and out of the Platform
  • Apply automatic workflows to RFQs, Sales Orders, Part Data, etc.
  • Configure custom alerts, notifications, and tasks (triggered by specific data events)
  • View, Edit, and Delete data
  • Validate and confirm data before processing, both inbound and outbound
  • Share and collaborate on specific pieces of data
  • Establish users and permissions with the system to manage your team and what resources they can view in Advance (typically to allow specific business groups to manage their own piece of the integrated data)
  • Import and validate raw data from the User Interface

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A few key examples of these tools are:

  1. When an RFQ comes in (via any format), our customers may want it to be automatically validated, cross-referenced, and then priced. That or any other necessary workflow can be triggered automatically in Advance immediately after receipt of the data by Connect. These custom workflows can be applied to any data type, and allow for significant automation of manual data steps (validating part numbers, cross-reference lookup, fetching data sheets, etc.).
  2. Likewise, our customers have a number of other validations that often need to be applied to the data. Perhaps a supplier sent a significantly smaller number of parts than the previous week. In that case, an alert should be configured so that users will be notified of this data anomaly when it occurs.
  3. Another typical use case is when a PO is received or issued, if the net value is above a certain threshold, it may require pricing approval. Those workflows can be automatically initiated from Advance.
  4. Or, a customer may have a need to see how many of your customers requested Price & Availability data for a particular part.

These are just a few examples of the data automation available in the Advance tool. Nearly any routine data manipulation activity can be automated, viewed, or configured via the Advance web portal.

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