Connect is a universal integration and translation engine built for the electronics industry, streamlining the transfer of data between disparate systems. With Connect, you can translate and deliver any language or protocol for real-time communication between multiple systems or programs.

Case Study: Venkel

Orbweaver saved Venkel thousands of hours previously spent manually processing millions of lines of RFQ part requests.

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Connect provides immediate technical and business relief by dramatically simplifying an expensive and often manual process of both receiving and sending data.

Connect allows your company to support any mechanism of connection your trading partners prefer, while allowing your company the simplicity of having only a single point of intake. Take in RFQs via EDI, API, CXML, and flat files, and receive them into your system in a single unified format.

Conversely, export a single price book file format from your system and convert (and deliver) it via Connect into any formats your trading partners wish – EDI, Flat File, DB import files, etc.

Connect can handle any type of data specific to the Electronics industry. RFQs, Sales and Purchase Orders, ASNs, Forecasts & Embedded Orders, Inventory, POS, Part Data (Price, Availability, Spec Data, Attribute Data), BOM data, and any other data structure that is commonly exchanged in this industry.

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