January & February, 2024

New enhancements include the Enabled TI Backlog API Suite for streamlined future-dated order management, the addition of origin and destination details to all trade document objects for better data traceability, a New Part Lookup Connections Metrics Dashboard to monitor supplier connection health, and improved full text searching capabilities for the Part Catalog APIs to expedite part data retrieval.​
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Enabled TI Backlog API Suite
The Texas Instruments Backlog API Suite allows our customers to submit and manage future-dated orders in their integrated order workflows.
Added Origin, Destination, and Related Documents to all trade document objects
In a single view, customers can see where their data came from and where it was delivered, plus attachments for any files that were generated along the way. Each object also links to any related objects, making it easy to find all supporting documents within a transaction.
New Part Lookup Connections Metrics Dashboard
This new dashboard displays connection-related health metrics such as success/error rates, rate limit %, and average/max response times. Our customers can use this data to understand how well their supplier connections are performing over time.
Improved full text searching to Part Catalog APIs
Customers can find part data faster and easier using enhanced contains-style searching over our Part Catalog API.
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