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Comparing Two Systems on the Orbweaver Platform

In the past year, Orbweaver’s customers KEMET Corporation (Simpsonville, SC) and Sonic Manufacturing (Fremont, CA) respectively launched "Jet Stream" and "Supply Chains at the Speed of Light”- two large-scale business automation systems designed to streamline their businesses.

These solutions address different aspects of the e-procurement process: Jet Stream is an RFQ intake & management solution, while Supply Chain at the Speed of Light is a PO automation platform.

Both KEMET and Sonic wanted to automate different processes that were time-consuming, expensive, and completely manual.  Although the data, workflow points, and business automation of these two solutions are different, these two solutions have a few distinct similarities.

  1. Jet Stream and Supply Chain at the Speed of Light are both paradigm shifts that use system to system communication and integration to automate business processes.  It is becoming widely accepted in the industry that technology must be leveraged to meet increasing price and competitive pressure.

    Software technology such as the Orbweaver Platform is critical to the future and stability of organizations in the electronic manufacturing industry in the coming years.
  2. Both enterprise solutions require forward looking organizations who understand that technology is a mechanism for lowering operational costs, increasing accuracy & efficiency, and ultimately increasing profitability.

    The paradigm shifts discussed above are to be embraced – as the industry changes, so must we all.  The good news is that the shift towards technology relieves pressure on your already-strained organization, and gets your high-value employees back to doing the things they are best at.
  3. Finally, both automation solutions increase the velocity and accuracy of response to customers, increasing each respective company’s level of customer service.  As the industry evolves, the purchase decision centers (more and more) around the availability of information.  If the information is available, purchasers are much more likely to buy from the first to respond.

Across both solutions, Orbweaver products solve specific pain points wherever they are present in a business process.  Those pain points are distributed throughout organizations in this industry, which is more data intensive than most. You can probably think of a few key bottlenecks in your business where spreadsheets or emailed information piles up in inboxes and is often forgotten or simply too buried to get at quickly.

Solutions such as Jetstream and Supply Chain at the Speed of Light are the answer. They are modular and customized to meet our customer’s needs.  All Orbweaver B2B enterprise solutions are built on top of the Our Platform, and all create a fast and efficient way to communicate large quantities of data, ultimately lowering costs and increasing profitability.

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