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How to Boost Revenue in the Electronics Industry through API Development

Wilmer Companioni
In an era where digital transformation is more than just a buzzword, electronic components companies recognize that "Digital equals Dollars." This shift has led to adopting digital solutions for accelerating new revenue streams and improving operations, specifically, replacing older transaction methods with API-driven solutions. At Orbweaver, we enable the transition to this new reality with our digital twin object model of the procurement process and rapid-deploy, low-code/no-code API suite.
How to Boost Revenue in the Electronics Industry through API Development

Easily clearing barriers

The transition from traditional transaction methods to API-driven solutions is driven by the need for agility, real-time responsiveness, and data accessibility. Legacy systems such as email, PDFs, EDI, and spreadsheets, once the backbone of supply chain documentation, are increasingly seen as cumbersome and inefficient in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Organizations that continue to rely on these outdated methods risk losing competitive edge and market relevance.

Third-party industry-specific middleware providers, like Orbweaver, can be your ally in this transition, providing your organization with the tools necessary to participate in digitally enabled business transactions. By supercharging the transformation process, these partners ensure businesses can quickly clear the barriers of digital adoption, positioning your business favorably amongst the competitive landscape.

How to Boost Revenue in the Electronics Industry through API Development

Insights in the data

The benefits of embracing digital solutions, especially those powered by APIs, extend far beyond accelerating transactions and increasing your team’s capacity. Additional value lies in the data that these transactions generate. Because these transactions are digital, they are organized in a structure accessible for analysis, and this data offers valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. Derived insights fall into the following categories:

  • Focused, actionable lead generation. Quote and order patterns are ideally structured to identify pre-sales opportunities specific to your ideal customer profile.
  • Align effort with results. You have limited human capital, and aligning those resources to maximize business value is essential to avoid those efforts that will not yield value. Data analytics informs pipeline management and field coverage, which is significantly more effective than an organization without these insights.
  • Improve customer relationships. Digital transformations rarely result in headcount reductions. Instead, effective organizations redeploy captured efficiencies to foster customer relationships, understand organizational objectives, identify new opportunities, and connect with customers without the burden of mundane and non-value-added business processes.
  • Price correctly. When evaluated through the lens of data analytics, a customer’s quote and order behavior may identify when a customer is about to move the business due to price. Getting ahead of that conversation is a paramount objective.
How to Boost Revenue in the Electronics Industry through API Development

Combined digital systems: more than the sum of its parts

A buyer’s journey from exploration to purchase is complex and multifaceted, involving various stages and touchpoints. A comprehensive understanding of this journey requires a holistic view of the entire buying process, which can easily be achieved when systems and processes are seamlessly connected.

Linking disparate systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a significant technical challenge. Industry-specific middleware solutions facilitate this integration.

How to Boost Revenue in the Electronics Industry through API Development

Meet your customers where they are and where they are going

Increasingly, organizations are operating exclusively in a digital environment and are closing doors to suppliers that refuse to offer digital solutions for quoting, order taking, providing invoices, providing ship notices, and updating order status.

Organizations are also increasingly complex and global. Increasing your team’s capacity and availability through digital and self-service customer tools increases access to markets, regions, and accounts you are not currently servicing.

And when did you last work just 40 hours in a week?

Imagine your new customer in Munich who wants to place an order at noon on a Saturday. Are you going to make them wait until Monday for a confirmation? They will place the order with a competitor, often regardless of price, that can digitally confirm an order in real time.

How to Boost Revenue in the Electronics Industry through API Development

Choosing the right API and middleware partner

As digitalization accelerates, business processes relying on older technologies are increasingly untenable. The integration and rapid deployment capabilities of APIs represent a quantum leap forward, enabling businesses to achieve what would have previously been unobtainable.

Your selection of the right partner to accelerate digital initiatives is critical to your short- and long-term success. You want a partner who speaks your language, not only in terms of understanding your current digital capabilities but also the specifics of your business and industry.

Qualifying the right partner by the company they keep is also possible. Are they working with your peers? That’s a good indication that they have been battle-tested and may be a suitable match for your organization.

A good digital partner is looking ahead. Even as they may advance your organization regarding digital transformation and modernization, are they aware of the ever-changing technical and business landscape? Are they looking at the next steps that need to be taken?

Lastly, a good digital partner is patient. A digital transformation project is not a small undertaking. Such a project may touch multiple departments, and costs may be applied across numerous budgets. The right partner will have the experience to understand these difficult business hurdles and help provide measurable and quantifiable metrics that help motivate activity to address these hurdles.

The journey towards digital transformation is both a necessity and an opportunity for businesses to stay relevant and competitive. With Orbweaver’s expertise in API-driven solutions and middleware that enables broad integrations, businesses can navigate this transition more effectively, unlocking new revenue streams that were previously inaccessible.

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