This release introduces several enhancements and new features aimed at improving data accuracy and user interaction with API data.
Key updates include an enhanced inventory schema that allows for more accurate tracking of quantities and location-based inventories, and a detailed view of supplier API calls, enabling direct interaction with API request and response data. Furthermore, the release introduces company aliases to ensure consistency in company name normalization across varying data inputs and begins the buildout of a Supplier Portal for better API usage insights and analytics by suppliers. These improvements enhance both the flexibility and efficiency of data management within the Orbweaver platform.
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Enhanced Inventory Schema
Inventory is now more accurate in terms of capturing quantity on hand and location-based inventories.
Enabled Detailed View of Supplier API Calls
Customers can now view the direct request and response data related to supplier API calls in the UI.
Added Company Aliases
Aliases provide flexibility in normalization of inbound data, ensuring consistent company names within the application despite varying names from inbound data.
Began Supplier Portal Buildout
Supplier Portal
Supplier Portal will allow suppliers to view usage and analytic metrics related to Orbweaver customer usage of their APIs.
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