This release contains a series of enhancements and new features designed to streamline the integration and processing of trade documents, as well as improving the efficiency and tracking of API data exchanges.
Key updates include added support for seamless RFQ and quote integration, the capability to directly update original source files, and performance improvements in part searches. Additionally, there are new options for managing API data tracking and individual imports within a connection, offering users greater control and visibility over their data workflows.
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Added Support for Axiom RFQ and Quote Integration
Axiom has recently added support for RFQ and Quote processing. DataHub can now integrate seamlessly to Axiom to exchange this data.
Added Ability to Write Data to Original Source Files
DataHub can now import files and make updates directly to the source document, maintaining the structure and format. This comes in handy when needing to make updates to PDF files.
Performance Updates for Bulk Part Searches
Added additional parallel scaling features to improve throughput on bulk, high-volume part searches via our Part Lookup API.
Enabled Additional API Tracking for Customers
Customers can view the request and response data from third-party API calls originating from their Part Lookup calls.
Added Ability to Enable/Disable Individual Imports in a Connection
Many connections point to multiple paths to import files, and now each path can be enabled or disabled to better control the flow of inbound files.
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