Q3 Update: Orbweaver Platform Features and Enhancements

As we wrap up the third quarter, it's time to highlight the innovative features and improvements we've rolled out in the past three months.

These updates reflect Orbweaver’s continuous commitment to enhancing our platform’s technical capabilities as well as responding to the requirements of our growing user base.

June Release
Feature Updates & Innovations Associated Orbweaver Solutions Description & Value
Enhanced Data Processing Options for Inbound Connections Supplier Data Intake Connections can now be configured to leave files in place from the inbound source, and also pull just the latest files from the source. This allows our system to not disturb external sources that house historical files or are shared by other trading partners.
Enhanced connection types to support inbound & outbound external AWS S3 buckets and outbound email Supplier Data Intake
Part Data Syndication
Connections can be made to external S3 buckets to send and receive data, and exports can now be configured to deliver via email.
Addition of hierarchies to User Groups DataHub™
RFQ & Quote Automation
User Group Hierarchies allow customers to fine-tune record-level visibility and align it with their internal organization structure.
Addition of a Source Summary tab on quote details RFQ & Quote Automation
Parts Procurement Automation
Users can view their sourced quote data, grouped by supplier, and place the order to a supplier with a single click.
Addition of Samtec to our PO Automation library Parts Procurement Automation Customers can seamlessly connect to Samtec for offer data during quoting and automate the placement of orders to Samtec via EDI.
July Release
Feature Updates & Innovations Associated Orbweaver Solutions Description & Value
Support for multiple API connection profiles Supplier Data Intake
Parts Procurement Automation
It is common to have different credentials and configurations for a single supplier API. This is now supported at the Company and Userlevels. API profiles allow for region-based filtering of part lookup data, multiple order check-out profiles, and more.
Addition of "grouped line item" offer selection RFQ & Quote Automation A new, enhanced offer selection process allows for line items to be grouped together and offer data to be applied intelligently (based on requested dates, supplier lead time, and inventory).
Addition of RFQ editing capabilities RFQ & Quote Automation RFQ line item data is now editable via the UI.
Performance enhancements RFQ & Quote Automation Identified and addressed bottlenecks in the UI for displaying large quotes.
August Release
Feature Updates & Innovations Associated Orbweaver Solutions Description & Value
Addition of Quote Export RFQ & Quote Automation Users can now export a full or partial quote out of the system. The export is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet that includes quote header, line item, and all supplier offer information related to the quote.
Addition of PO Approval Thresholds PO Automation Customers can now configure user-specific cost limits that are used to control order submission privileges.
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