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The Orbweaver Process of Engagement

The steps to assemble a software solution are similar to the process of building a house.

It is a very collaborative process that requires buy-in from all parties.  Knowing how a successful engagement works will increase the success of the project.

  1. Address the need (draw the blueprints)
  2. Determine the champion of the project (choose an on-site manager)
  3. Set a budget (finance the construction)
  4. Execute established plans (build the house)
  5. Adopt the new software (move in)

Address the Need

There’s usually one or more distinct ‘pain points’ that a company is trying to solve, and in order for technology to benefit a business, those needs must be known and quantified.  Each problem is unique and it is the client’s responsibility to clearly identify each problem they want to solve.

The construction of a custom software solution is a process shared between the client and Orbweaver.  Once established, successful clients publish a structured plan for how to implement those solutions within their organizations from both a tactical and strategic perspective. 

A company’s vision may be to create a faster and more efficient way to order parts or instantly price components, or perhaps it’s to create a world-class RFQ intake system, or be the first to market with a particular type of blockchain API.  Understanding how business automation effects human resources and existing processes results in higher adoption rates and an increased rate of deployment.

Orbweaver and the client must jointly understand the distinct need and vision in order to successfully move a project forward.

Champion with Authority

The “champion with authority” should be a single point of contact who has the vision and authority to drive the project through all phases to completion.  This is often the person responsible for improving the organization – not necessarily the people who will use the product on a daily basis (though their input is critical!).

The person fiscally responsible for a company or department has the motivation to identify opportunities to make the company better, different, or more efficient.  Our most successful project champions are forward thinkers with authority to make decisions and the vision to see the end solution.  These champions create tremendous ROI for their companies.

Set A Budget

Orbweaver project budgets vary greatly depending on the needs of the client and the project, but the one universal truth is that there must be a budget.  Just like with building a house, the company has to commit financial assets to solving the business need and reaching the vision.

Our job is to advise clients on the best way to use their budget – we work with our clients to find a solution that fits within any sized budget and to maximize the return on investment.

Business automation software relieves pressure on overtaxed human resources, and bring along with it an average 10x ROI.

Project Execution

Before project execution (construction) begins, significant up-front business and technical  analysis is completed to understand what we are building, how long it will take, and what the dependencies are. 

Orbweaver meets with you (usually in person) to extract this information and to establish a high degree of comfort and trust across the entire project team.  At this stage, we’re all making critical decisions together and committing to a significant endeavor.

Once construction does begin, team engagement is critical throughout the process.  As with new home construction, a homebuilder is interested in progress and stops by often. It’s the same with us – we expect you to “stop by often” to ensure things are going as agreed. 

Active participation involves answering questions, keeping internal stakeholders apprised, allocating resources to support the execution of the project, and communicating with the entire project team.

With appropriate client engagement, the project will be executed perfectly.


Adoption and engaged usage of the final product is vital to the success of the overall effort.  Leading up to and following product launch, we encourage our clients to actively market the product internally, continually soliciting feedback and keeping stakeholders and users engaged throughout.  Their buy-in and ultimate satisfaction is critical to the successful rollout of the project.

Just as it would be a shame to build a house and then have it remain empty, it would likewise be disappointing for a new project rollout to go unused.  In addition to the client’s obligation to promote, communicate, and engage users and stakeholders, Orbweaver provides on site tutorials, training, and continual support to help transition your company to the new software.

All of these services are available and we encourage our clients to take advantage of them – it is ultimately a joint responsibility of the client to ensure that the new product is not only rolled out successfully, but gains acceptance and wide adoption across the user team.

Celebrating the Move

Adopting automated software solutions to solve everyday pain points is transformative for your business.  This is an exciting time and after a successful launch, it is worth acknowledging the accomplishment.

Building and integrating business solutions with Orbweaver is most successful when you understand how the process works.  Our clients ensure their success when following these tips of engagement, and when they come into the project with an understanding of how they impact that success.

The process of creating a new and unique software platform for your business will be efficient, stress free, and cost effective – it’s time to move your business into a new era with Orbweaver.

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