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September 23, 2021

Orbweaver Announces Launch of Industry-First Part Information Management System

Bethlehem, PA—September 23, 2021: Today, Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC, a data integration and automation company focusing on the electronics industry, announced the release of a  new addition to its product lineup: an industry-specific part information management (PIM) system.

“To date, there simply hasn’t been a PIM built for the electronics industry, and tools from outside the industry have issues scaling up to the needs of a typical electronics manufacturer or distributor,” said Tony Powell, CTO of Orbweaver Sourcing LLC. “Orbweaver’s PIM is focused on the challenges our industry faces: massive part catalogs, complex pricing, compliance data, and very large quantities of attribute data.”

The PIM solution provides clients the ability to effectively create, manage and update their part catalog, bringing both the capability to review data at scale, and to effectively update the part catalog in real time. Orbweaver’s PIM acts as a system-of-record for part or product data, helping to organize huge volumes of data. Beta customers report the solution enables them to run much more efficiently, spending 90% less time on parts management tasks.

Orbweaver operates primarily in the electronics manufacturing industry, with customers in automotive, industrial manufacturing, electrical, aerospace, and adjacent industries with complex manufacturing-to-distribution supply chains. Their core products are focused on automating and managing the data moving in and out of a company, in any format. 

Component manufacturers and distributors have significant complexities in merging multiple feeds together into a single core repository of part data. Component manufacturers are unifying feeds from multiple internal systems, and distributors are organizing feeds from their suppliers. In both cases, the same problems exist:

  • too many parts to manage manually,
  • conflicts in the part data feeds,
  • a need to know what has changed, and
  • complex workflows across various stakeholders.

“Orbweaver’s PIM is built from the ground up with this industry in mind,” said Powell. “Out of the box, our PIM supports up to one billion parts, feed conflict resolution, saved smart searches, complex pricing structures, custom workflows, and the ability to search on sub-portions of part numbers to identify specific part characteristics or a particular series. It’s comprehensive and robust, and the industry hasn’t seen anything like it. ”

About Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC: Orbweaver is a data integration and automation company based in Bethlehem, PA.  The company moves roughly one million pieces of information per second for its customers, and is a trusted provider to many of the largest global manufacturers and distributors. Orbweaver has led the charge in supply chain integration and automation in the electronic industry since 2012. For more information visit

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