This release include various enhancements to streamline the parts procurement process. These include the addition of Arrow's Order API, improved quoting capabilities, and the introduction of an offer scoring feature. New fields have also been added to the RFQ intake process to offer customers better control over the grouping of quoted lines in purchase orders. The introduction of new customer-facing quote and PO API endpoints allows for smooth integration with ERP and back-end systems, promoting more efficient procurement and minimizing manual work.
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Addition of Arrow's Order API to our supplier connections library.
Arrow's Order API integration expands our supplier connections to streamline procurement processes further. With access to an extensive and growing range of suppliers, users enjoy a more efficient experience sourcing and buying the parts they need.
Enhanced quoting process for improved supplier offer selection.
Continued improvements to quoting capabilities enable users to configure supplier offer selection, broadening the coverage of auto-quoted lines. This enhancement leads to quicker, more accurate quotes and increased transaction efficiency while streamlining the parts procurement process.
Introduction of an offer scoring feature to easily assess offers based on customer needs.
Our new offer scoring feature helps users effortlessly pinpoint offers meeting their specific requirements. This advancement streamlines the parts procurement process and RFQ and quote automation by allowing users to rapidly and effectively select the most appropriate offers, saving time and effort.
New fields in RFQ intake process for better control over quoted line groupings in POs.
Adding new fields to the RFQ intake process gives customers improved control over the grouping of quoted lines in purchase orders. This update makes order management more precise and efficient and simplifies parts procurement.
New customer-facing Quote and PO API endpoints for smooth integration with ERP and back-end systems.
The rollout of new Quote and PO API endpoints allows customers to effortlessly integrate their ERP and back-end systems with our automation platform. This development promotes direct, system-to-system parts sourcing and ordering, enhancing procurement efficiency, minimizing manual work, and enabling more seamless trade document processing.
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