October & November, 2023

New features include an improved part catalog delete detection, a Part Catalog Search API with advanced filters, an updated Catalog Export UI that highlights recent changes, direct Hubspot Quoting Integration, and a Quick Quote API to quickly find the best offers for specific parts.
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Added enhanced part catalog delete detection
Part catalog data can be configured to delete parts no longer found in import files, on a per connection basis.
New Part Catalog Search API
This new API provides users with more advanced filters to find specific data in their catalog. Filtering by manufacturer/supplier name, part numbers, and part IDs are all supported. Search types (contains, starts-with, exact match) and optional special character handling are also included.
Export from Catalog using Last Updated date
The Catalog Export UI now displays the last updated date, allowing users to easily filter and export recently changed parts, directly from the UI.
Hubspot Quoting Integration
DataHub can now integrate directly to Hubspot, pulling Deal Line Item information, running quotes, and delivering best offer data back to Hubspot.
New Quick Quote API
This new API returns the best offer available for a specific part number and need quantity, across all supplier connections.
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