September, 2023

This release brings several updates to the Orbweaver Platform.
Customers can directly manage and edit their part data using the new Part Edit UI or through APIs. Enhancements in Part Data Exports enable filtering by manufacturer/supplier, segmenting data into multiple files, and exporting only the recent changes. Additionally, Trade Document Processing now supports the 96A and 97A EDIFACT standards, bolstering validation and alert capabilities, and aligning them with the 4010 and 5010 ANSI X12 standards previously exclusive to the DataHub Platform.
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Addition of Part Edit UI and APIs
Customers can take full control of their own part data and make edits directly in the DataHub UI or via API.
Part Data Export Enhancements
New features for Part Data Exports allow for filtering data by manufacturer/supplier, breaking up data into multiple files, and only exporting recently changed data.
Enhanced validation and alert processing capabilities
Validation of base transforms now include 96A and 97A EDIFACT standards, providing to those integrations the increased scalability and velocity previously available only within the DataHub Platform to trading partners utilizing 4010 and 5010 ANSI X12 standards.
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