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What is Bill of Materials Processing Software?

Bill of Materials processing software refers to applications created to help a company manage the complex demands of bill of materials request tracking.

When a BOM request arrives, a sales team puts an enormous amount of time and energy into generating a quote: obtaining pricing and availability data, researching and applying customer or volume discounts, formatting information, and forwarding the response to the potential buyer.

For the electronics manufacturing industry, manual BOM processes result in poor communication throughout the entire supply chain. Without a centralized data repository, employees keep informal, ad-hoc reports and records of their own, leading to inconsistencies. 

What is Bill of Materials Processing Software?

Further, data that is not centralized is often not standardized, which can cause employees in different departments or geographic locations speaking different languages – making data difficult to transfer throughout the organization. Not only is a manual Bill of Materials system a poor use of employee time, manual systems tend to be error-prone, creating further inefficiencies when those errors must be corrected.

Vendors and suppliers involved in the electronics component supply chain have even more complexity to manage. The variety of pieces, parts, replacements, and acceptable alternative parts can involve hundreds and thousands of individual data segments to track and manage.

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A complicated Bill of Materials process requires an elegant, flexible, automated data management solution.

Orbweaver Advance is the only BOM software solution created specifically for the electronics component supply chain. Advance is a supply chain integration system that automatically captures pricing and availability data, applies custom markup and margin calculation, and formats the quote for buyer review.

Errors associated with manual data retrieval and data entry are reduced, improving process efficiency, as sales bandwidth is increased significantly as time-intensive, repetitive manual processes are accomplished automatically.

Margin and markups can be set to calculate on a per-line item, per-customer, or on a promotional basis. Additionally, audit trails and controlled revisions allow you to track the evolution of each quote, for verification and authentication of all pricing and availability information submitted to customers.

With Orbweaver, automating BOM processes allows your salespeople to devote time and resources to higher-level, strategic objectives, such as improving relationships with existing customers or acquiring new business.

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